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California School of Law Transcript Requests

To order transcripts from the California School of Law, use the following instructions.

Processing Transcript Requests

Student accounts MUST be current in order for transcripts to be released. In order to comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), all transcript orders require authorization. The California School of Law provides the following procedures for authorizing transcript requests:

  Electronically submit the Transcript Request Form to the California School of Law here.

  California School of Law will Automatically Authorize your transcript requests if:

1. The billing name on the electronic payment method used to pay for the transcript matches both the name on the Transcript Request Form and the student's records; or

2. California School of Law student ID number, Social Security No., Date of Birth and e-mail match the information in the student's records.

Transcript Request processing occurs after the order has been entered. Thus, it is not possibile to confirm Automatic Authorization at the time of ordering. Students will be notified if the Automatic Authorization was not successful; if not, students are required to fax or mail the Transcript Request Form; the request then will be processed upon receipt of request and payment.

Price Per Service Processing Transcript

Regular Service  Mailed US post within 3-5 days*

  Shipment to US address                $10.00
  Shipment to address outside US    $14.00

Rush Service - Mailed US post Priority Mail same business day*
  Shipment to US address                $20.00
  Shipment to address outside US    $30.00

FedEx service - Mailed FedEx same day*
  Shipment to US address, Standard Overnight   $45.00
  Shipment to address outside US                         **

 *of date received during business hours.
** call the office for desired shipping terms and pricing.
  Check with the service to determine delivery times.

Official transcripts will not be released for students having an outstanding financial obligation to the California School of Law

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