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Computer Requirements

The computer equipment needed to access the courses at the California School of Law are:

Hardware Requirements

Desktop or Laptop computer
          * Pentium II 600Mhz or greater
          * 256Mb or more of RAM
          * Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or greater
          * 56 kbps or faster internet connection
          * Sound Card
          * Headset with working microphone
          * Webcam

Software Requirements

          * Internet access
          * Mozilla Firefox 2.0+ (preferred), or Internet Explorer 6.0+
          * Microsoft Office 97 or higher, or other .doc compatible word processor such as Open Office
          * PDF writer
          * ExamSoft (you will be directed to this after starting the term proper)

Apple Macintosh Computers are fully compatible for the online law school

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