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Americas Legal Bookstore has published and  is distributing a book entitled "The Online Law Schools Book."  The book is written by Domenick Latella and is a  review of California on-line law schools.

Mr Latella wrote as follows regarding the California School of Law:

"The school is the only Online Law School to offer live  mandatory attendance of classes, with the true law school way of teaching using the  Socratic Method.  If there are critics "of on-line law schools" out there  saying that students are missing out on things by not being GRILLED by their  teachers, look no further.  IF YOU WANT A TRUE LAW SCHOOL EXPERIENCE, LOOK NO FURTHER.  Students are equipped with VOiP software, and headsets, and  meet live twice per week in a real virtual class.  Teachers use the  Socratic Method asking students questions in the same manner that teachers at  Harvard, Yale, and any traditional school ask their students.  Classes are  on Tuesday and Thursday nights, at 6:00 pm PDT.  So, basically anyone can  attend.

"This is the closest thing to a real law  school. You will learn how to prepare for class, interact live in class, and have a true Law School experience! As the years go on, there are Moot Courts and trial practice, Live, again assuring the most real life Law School  Experience of any of the on-line law schools.  You better be prepared for  class!
"The California School of Law is Real Law School!!!  If you have two nights per week for the next four years, it will!  give you the most Real Law School experience possible.  Students also can meet online for study groups.!!  It is amazing.!  A thumbs up!!!"

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