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Admission Standards

California School of Law is interested in students who want to become successful lawyers and are willing to work hard to achieve a Juris Doctor degree. If you have a college degree or 60+ college units, you are eligible for admission.

No LSAT Required

Applicants with Associates or Bachelors Degree

Applicants with an Associates or Bachelors Degree from an accredited American college or university, with a minimum GPA of 2.0 are eligible for admission.

Life Achievement Degrees are not acceptable.

Applicants with 60 Semester or 90 Quarter College Units

Applicants are eligible for admission if they have 60 or more semester units or 90 or more quarter units of successfully completed undergraduate college work from an accredited American college or university. Applicants must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

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International Admission Standards

International Students are welcome to enroll at the California Law School. The Law School does not offer instruction in languages other than English. Students must satisfactorily speak and write English.

Applicants with a degree from a U.S. College or University, but living outside the U.S. are not considered international students.

Applicants with a non-U.S. college degree are considered International Students. The international students' transcripts will be evaluated by an independent agency to ascertain whether or not the transcripts indicate an education equivalent to a college education in the United States.

International Students with a Masters Degree from an accredited U.S. College or University can be admitted without the transcript evaluation.

International applicants please see International Student Admissions.


Per California State Bar Regulations, we are required to have transcripts showing your eligibility for admission to our program within 45 days of your start date. This includes transcripts supporting any transfer credit. If there are transfer credits on any of your transcripts, we must have official transcripts from those schools as well. Please order transcripts from your school(s) and have them sent to us at

California School of Law
Attn: Records
5276 Hollister Ave Ste 262
Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Application for Evaluation of Pre-Legal Education

An applicant who intends to begin the study of law by enrolling in law school, may submit a written request for a determination of whether she has obtained the pre-legal education required prior to beginning such study.

Pre-legal education requirements are the equivalent of California School of Law's minimum Admission Standards. There is no particular course of study required to meet pre-legal education requirements but the applicant must have obtained a bachelor's degree, or associate's degree, or 60+ transferable college units or 90+ transferable college credits, from an accredited American university with a 2.0 gpa or above.

If an applicant is unsure of whether they meet the pre-legal education requirements to start law school, the State Bar of California can evaluate a prospective student's pre-legal education to determine whether they are eligible for our law school.

The request should be made directly to the State Bar of California by contacting the State Bar, submitting undergraduate transcripts, and paying the required processing fee. More specific information as to this process can be found on the CA State Bar PreLegal Education website or by calling the State Bar of California at 213-765-1000 (Los Angeles Office) or 415-538-2000 (San Francisco Office).

Contact Information

For further information, contact a California School of Law academic counselor at 805-770-3030 or 844-500-9200, or reach us through e-mail at: admissions@csoflaw.com.

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