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The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction

California School of Law students are given a CALI membership. This provides students with excellent study aids to reinforce the classroom lessons.

CALI has a license to access over 675 computer tutorials in 32 different legal subject areas.

CALI's lessons are authored by experienced law faculty and law librarians who teach in the subject area in which they write lessons.

CALI lessons are interactive with branches and feedback for every question. Students can take the lessons multiple times and see different questions or paths through the material.

CALI lessons are multimedia using text, video, audio, flowcharts, graphics and photos to teach complex areas of law.

CALI lessons break down complex topics into short, focused exercises.

CALI lessons keep score, enabling students to gauge their progress and save their scores for faculty viewing.

CALI lessons are reviewed extensively by other faculty who teach the same subject, by faculty who teach other subjects and by experienced CALI staff who have been working in computer-mediated legal education for many years. Based on student feedback (which is built into each lesson), CALI refines the clarity of the language and the accuracy of the materials in the lessons.

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