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Online Law School FAQ

Review our online law school FAQ to learn the answers to the most common online law schools frequently asked questions, and how the answers might differ from traditional law school FAQs.

How does the California School of Law's online Law School work?

The California School of Law is an online law school with the goal of providing an educational experience that is as close as possible to that at a traditional residential law school. Students at CSL can see and speak with the professors and classmates by logging into a live Video Conferencing Classroom from their computer at home or work.

State of the art technology is utilized to provide direct, live two way video/audio communication between faculty and students, creating a virtual classroom. This enables the professors and students to discuss and debate the law using the Socratic Method as if they were physically in the same room.

What degree do I receive when I graduate?

Every student who graduates from the California School of Law receives a Juris Doctor Degree, creating numerous employment opportunities as an attorney, law professor, business person, or wherever you imagine your career taking you.

When does the next trimester start?

The next trimester begins in November 2014. New trimesters are scheduled to begin in March, July and November each year.

When is the application deadline?

The application deadline for next trimester is November 3, 2013.

What time do the classes meet?

Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm PST or 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST. Students attend two classes a night. Each class session is 1 1/2 hours.

How long is a trimester?

The California School of Law runs on trimesters, following a traditional 15 week/4 month law school semester.

How long does it take to complete the JD program?

The program takes 4 years to complete, and cannot be accelerated to 3 years. (law students attending 3 year law schools programs are not permitted to work when attending.

What is the tuition?

The anticipated tuition for each trimester is $3,000. For a year the tuition is $9,000.00. The total anticipated cost of tuition to complete the Juris Doctorate program is $36,000.00.

Does California School of Law provide student loans?

Yes. The California School of Law provides students with several affordable and attractive installment loan plans. Every student enrolled in the California School of Law will be approved for an installment loan. Tuition is charged by the semester, not the year, keeping both the principal and interest low.

Can I observe a law school class in session?

We welcome prospective students interested in observing a law school class in session. To make arrangements, contact Admissions at 805-683-5337 or 866-970-4529, or reach us by e-mail at: admissions@californiaschooloflaw.com.

What if a student has a computer problem during class?

Tech support is readily available for students who experience technical problems. However, once students are familiar with California School of Law's software programs, they generally have few technical problems.

How do students take exams?

Students take mid-terms and final exams on-line. Professors post the exams in the virtual classrooms.

Who teaches the classes?

All classes are taught by experienced faculty, all of whom have passed the California State Bar Exam or the bar exam in another state.

How do students contact the professors out side the classroom? ?

Office hours are usually scheduled before or after class depending on availability. Faculty e-mail addresses are also provided.

How do I get my Textbooks?

The California School of Law curriculum requires casebooks and texts that are regularly used in law schools nationwide. The California School of Law web site includes a Bookstore link for students to purchase texts online. These books are also available at most legal bookstores.

What about California School of Law library services?

WestLaw accounts are provided for all students.

Can students work full time while enrolled in law school?

Yes. Most of our students work full time and attend our evening classes. Law students attending 3 year law schools programs are not permitted to work when attending.

Are International Students Welcome?

Yes. If you can access the Internet, you can enroll as a California School of Law student. Students may attend lectures, submit examinations for grading, all without the substantial expense of relocating to the United States. Students who have obtained their pre-legal education outside the United States must provide documentation that their education meets the necessary regulatory requirements. Undergraduate transcripts must be evaluated by an approved agency subject to the rules of the California State Bar. Some applicants may be required to take the TOEFL exam. Classes are in English and, to attend the law school students must be able to speak English.

What type of career opportunities can I expect after graduation?

California School of Law's Career Services department will help students explore employment opportunities in law and law related fields. Many California School of Law graduates will use their Juris Doctor degree to obtain jobs in the legal field with law firms, corporations, government, etc. Others will use the degree to complement previous work and life experiences. Those with a background in health care may find themselves transitioning to employment in the medical insurance field. Business people with a Juris Doctorate are better prepared to run their own business or move quickly up the corporate ladder. Still others will devote their new skills to work in the community, in non-profit or in the public interest sector. The skills and knowledge gained at California School of Law can be used to create career opportunities in virtually every field.

Will California School of Law help me find a job?

Yes. The Career Placement Office provides employment and career counseling to students and alumni and acts as a liaison between the law school and the legal community. The Career Placement Office coordinates seminars, workshops, and forums on career options, resume writing and interviewing techniques.

What exams do I have to take to become an attorney?

For a Juris Doctorate degree, students must take and pass the California First-Year Law Students Examination given after the completion of the first year of law school. After graduation, students must also take and pass the California Bar Exam or a state bar exam in a state that admits our graduates.

We are proud to announce our results for the June 2010 and June 2009 First-Year Law Student Examinations. In June 2010, 75% of the First Time Takers passed and in June of 2009, 100% First Timers Passed!

What approval does the California School of Law have?

California State Bar
California School of Law is registered as a Distance-Learning Law School with The Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California.

In April 2009, the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California performed a complete onsite inspection of the California School of Law, including it's corporate offices, student and business records, education technology and faculty. The Committee of Bar Examiners has approved the registration of the California School of Law as a Distance Learning Law School.

American Bar Association
To date, the American Bar Association (ABA) has not accredited any online law school. Thus, the California School of Law is not accredited by the American Bar Association.

How do I apply?

You can Apply Now.

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